Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Mufflerking ? Why Mufflerking?

As you have probably guessed before I got a set of Sprintstars. I don´t want to tell you what I have been through but I finally got them..

Now back to the topic:

Well the story is that I attended the VolksWorldShow in 2003 for the first time togehter with some friends, some of them I did barely know before. Surfing the ´net before and seeing the offers at the shops there I had to have one of these "Turbo-Mufflers" for my car. The only problem was to find the correct header for the muffler......... I still had the original 1200ccm in my beetle. But I found one!

As this was probably one of the most unusual combintations, driving with the original 34hp and a Turbo muffler, I got a nickname. Guess what!

Right! Mr. E.B. created it and since then..

The first meeting I attended was quite a success. Although the performance (concerning horsepowers) wasn´t much better, the sound was! Nobody believed me that this was still the original engine in there. (I didn´t open the engine lid to not disappoint them)

Ok, yes I have to admit that the fitting could have been better, but..

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